Web applications, information systems, websites

We do web development for 14 years. We created many projects from large information systems to e-shops and websites.

What can we do for you:
  •   corporate systems
  •   custom web applications
  •   CRM systems
  •   Community portals
  •   Reservation systems
  •   e-shops
  •   websites
  •   web services integration with other services, API integration

We have created several complex web applications based on Yii framework. We use Yii for its great architecture and code organisation.

  •   14+ years experience with web development
  •   MVC, OO principes, good code organisation
  •   architecture of complex systems
  •   jQuery, REST APIs, Node.js, payment gateways
  •   www.simbila.com - own SaaS
  •   www.lunchdrive.cz - own SaaS, innovative solution with hardware for canteens
  •   www.stobklub.cz - web development
  •   www.dieta.cz - web development

Mobile applications

Do you need mobile application for your business or do you have amazing idea? We offer development of web based mobile applications as well as native Android and iOS development.

Computer graphics

We are experienced in development of multiplatform applcations based on following GUI toolkits:

Multiplatform application I am participating on are focused on 3D visualization. As visualization platform these libraries/standards are used:

  •   OpenGL
  •   OpenSceneGraph


For flexibility, ease of development and future customization of the system scripting languages are implemented:

  •   JavaScript (ECMAScript)
  •   Tcl/Tk

Please see also 3D visualization page.